How do I connect my VoiceMaster Pro to my Digidesign 002?

If you wish to record from a mic, line or instrument source, through the VoiceMaster Pro, then connect the +4dBu XLR output of the VMPro to one of the 1/4" jack line inputs on the back of the 002. If you use one of inputs 5-8 then make sure you flick the input level switch to +4.

If you have the ADC card fitted in the VoiceMaster Pro then you can connect the SPDIF output to the SPDIF input of the 002 instead pf the above. If you do this ensure that the 002 clock source is set to SPDIF, the bit depth to 24 bits and the sampling frequency to whatever is set on the VoiceMaster Pro ADC card.

If you want to route a signal from Pro Tools through the VoiceMaster Pro then connect one of the 002 outputs to the line input of the VoiceMaster Pro using a balanced cable. Route the chosen track in Pro Tools to that output and then record the processed signal on a new track with the VoiceMaster Pro input selected.

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