How can I authorise my Saffire plugins if my computer doesn't have internet connection?

To be able to use your plug-ins you need to run the plug-in authoriser. This should load as a pop-up window when you open your DAW software and it scans the plug-in directory. Follow the instructions in the window. If your computer is not connected to the internet, you will need to select manual activation instead of internet activation. You will now be able to save your Interlok Registration File (.ilr) to your computer. You will need to transfer this file to another computer that has an internet connection. To do this, you can use a CDR, floppy disc, or some other removable media type such as a USB memory stick.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to zip the .ilr file when transferring your it from one computer to another. Failing to do so may result in corruption of the .ilr file. Zipping the .ilr will prevent this from happening. To zip the .ilr:

- CTRL + Click and select "Create Archive of ..." from the menu.

- Right-Click and select "Send to.../Compressed folder"

Once you have zipped the .ilr file, transfer it to your internet connected computer, unzip, and go the the offline authorisation webpage at:

Offline Authorisation

Complete the authorisation process, and you will receive an authorisation file. Take this file back to the computer you want to authorise. Finally, run the Plugin Authoriser located in your Saffire Application folder, and load the license file to complete authorisation of your plugins.

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