I can't see the digital output connectors on the back of my new Octopre. What do I need to get?

The Octopre (and other Platinum units) do not come with digital outputs as standard. You can purchase a digital output card which you can be easily fitted into the unit to give you a digital output. The reason for marketing the products in this way is so that people who do not require a digital output do not end up paying for one.

There are two different ADC cards available for the Octopre - one has ADAT Lightpipe out only and the 'full spec' card features ADAT Lightpipe out and a 9-pin D-sub connector which can be switched between AES and S/PDIF. Focusrite make breakout cables for the 9-pin connector with either XLRs for AES or RCA phono connectors for S/PDIF.

Available are the operation guide and fitting instructions for the Octopre ADC cards and also the pin out for the 9-pin D Sub connector. If you require any further info about the cards then check the related articles or contact us.

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